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What is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

A Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is a comprehensive outpatient treatment designed to provide the structure and support necessary to begin the stabilization process when entering treatment. PHP is an ideal level of care for individuals who require intensive support but do not need 24-hour supervision. This program typically involves attending structured treatment sessions for 4-6 hours a day, 5 days a week. The duration of PHP can vary from one week to a month, depending on individual needs and progress.

What's Included?

On-site Treatment 5 days per week
Lunch provided
On-site Medical Staff
Individual Therapy Sessions
Group Therapy
Recreational Therapy
Option of Family Counseling
Regular Drug and Alcohol Screening

Benefits of PHP

Choosing a Partial Hospitalization Program at Another Chance offers numerous advantages that support a comprehensive and successful recovery journey. PHP is designed to provide intensive care while allowing individuals to maintain daily responsibilities.

Our program emphasizes holistic treatment, community support, and a structured environment to ensure participants receive the best possible care. Below are some of the key benefits you can expect from our PHP.

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Comprehensive Care

PHP provides a balanced approach to recovery, addressing both substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions. This holistic method ensures that participants receive tailored treatment that targets their specific needs, promoting overall well-being and long-term recovery.

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Flexibility and Convenience

As an outpatient treatment, PHP allows individuals to return home each day, making it easier to integrate treatment into daily life and maintain personal responsibilities. This flexibility supports the continuation of work, family commitments, and other personal activities, reducing the disruption to daily life while still receiving intensive care.

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Supportive Community

Participants benefit from the support of peers and professionals, fostering a sense of belonging and motivation. Group therapy sessions provide a platform for sharing experiences and learning from others, which can be incredibly empowering and encouraging during the recovery journey. The sense of community built during PHP is often a critical component of sustained recovery.

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Access to Diverse Therapies

Our PHP offers access to a variety of therapeutic modalities, including individual and group therapy, family therapy, and recreational therapy. This diverse range of treatments ensures that each participant receives a well-rounded approach to recovery, addressing physical, emotional, and psychological needs.

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Structured Environment

The structured schedule of PHP helps establish a routine, which is crucial for building a stable foundation in early recovery. Regular attendance at therapy sessions, coupled with consistent medical oversight and support, creates a disciplined environment that aids in preventing relapse and promoting positive behavioral changes.

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Enhanced Accountability

Regular drug and alcohol screenings help monitor progress and ensure accountability throughout the treatment process. This ongoing assessment helps maintain a drug-free environment and allows for timely intervention if issues arise, supporting participants in staying on track with their recovery goals.

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If you are looking for PHP programs near you, we at Another Chance are here to help. Our treatment center provides high-quality addiction treatment programs such as our partial hospitalization program and other support services.