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10 Misconceptions About Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

January 3, 2022

Learn the different myths and misconceptions of substance abuse programs and treatments.

 There has been a lot of research done on the different types of substance abuse treatments. This research has created and classified programs into what it is today. Because of diversity and technology, how professionals approach treatments and people differs from how it was traditionally done. This is good news because you know that there will definitely be something for you out there.

Since more people are using different illegal substances and misusing prescription drugs, substance abuse has become a serious public health problem in the United States.

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Misconceptions About Substance Abuse Treatment

Obviously, there are multiple myths and misconceptions about substance abuse treatments and programs, let alone substance abuse. Here are a couple of the latter:

1. “I Can’t Afford Rehab!”

Of course, if you do not have insurance, this will hurt your wallet. But money as the main issue for you to actually get treatment should be the least of your worries. There are multiple ways of paying for your treatment. Depending on your income, many programs will help you access the care you need by financing it through loans or payment scales.

If you have insurance, on the other hand, know that rehab is an essential health benefit. This means that you can't and shouldn't be denied access to treatment if you want or need it.

2. You Have To Hit Rock Bottom Before Going To Rehab

Do not wait to reach a certain imaginary low point in your life before you start living the life you deserve. Rehab is a resource that you can take advantage of if you want to get better; not a place for you because you are at your worst.

The earlier you get treatment, the better it is for you. You might also think that because you are going to rehab, it means that you are at "rock bottom," this definition can change and will change.

3. Substance Use Disorders Are As Prevalent As Diabetes

People with a substance use disorder are far more than those with diabetes or thyroid conditions as well as the number of people diagnosed with any cancers like lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer, etc.

4. Opioid Overdose Deaths Have Increased Drastically

If you know your opioid history, you'll know that in the 1990s, people were overprescribed with opioids. This resulted in the use and misuse of this pain reliever.

When the "pill mills" and "doctor shopping" across the nation were cracked down, these pain relievers became harder to obtain and more expensive. And then what happened next was people resulted in using what was cheaper and readily available-heroin.

5. Medical Treatments Vs. Substitute Addictions

This misconception has been understood wrong for a long time now. The use of pharma treatments will help people with alcohol or substance use disorders, and if these people are craving or in withdrawal, using medication would actually help; it's just like substituting one addiction for another.

The use of methadone and buprenorphine to regulate opioid craving or withdrawal has been found in scientific studies to diminish substance misuse, decrease the risk of relapse and overdose, lessen criminal behavior, lessen the transmission of infectious diseases, and aids addicts return to a healthy and purposeful lifestyle.

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6. Peer Recovery Coaches Could Be Effective

Suppose you have heard about peer recovery coaches. In that case, it is said that these individuals, who are in recovery, share their know-how and life experiences with people who are more recently in the substance use disorder program.

Sometimes they are called sober coaches; these peer recovery coaches offer others in recovery with informational, emotional, and practical support to aid them and maintain their recovery process.

Peer recovery coaches are popular among celebrities. They hire private recovery coaches associated with famous clinics, rehab, recovery community organizations, and sober living homes.

They could also be employees in criminal justice systems, primary care settings, emergency departments, child welfare, mental health clinics, and homeless agencies. Get Substance Abuse Counselling today.

7. Recovery Houses Are Very Effective

Halfway or recovery houses have been known to be very effective and efficient in helping out those who have completed their drug and alcohol detox or those who abstained from using substances.

It is said that going to a halfway house after your detox or residential treatment usually has better results than just going back to society.

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8. Going To Rehab Means Getting Fired From Work

Remember that substance abuse treatment programs can save your life. Drugs will change your body and mind. Chances are, your mood swings occur often, you'd have an overactive imagination, and this may cause you to sleep less which is commonly the beginning reason for your health to start failing. 

Know that this happens to most people with this dilemma but know that your company can't fire you for getting treatment for your substance use disorder. ADA or The Americans with Disabilities Act protects people who work in local and state governmental units and even in private companies with 15 or more employees from getting fired for attending rehab.

9.  Relapse Means Treatment Failure 

Addiction is a disease that many people combat every day. It is like any physical disability out there, and relapse rates from drug addiction are as high as the relapse rates for usual physical problems.

Addiction, although similar to a physical disability as mentioned above, is impossible to cure. But, it can be managed and treated. Professionals are always available to treat addiction concerns. Relapse from a substance abuse treatment program is a part of your journey towards managing and conquering your addiction.

10. Substance Abuse Recovery Programs Are Hopeless

We added this at the end because there is no way to believe that there is no hope for you. Addiction is a chronic illness that is not impossible to manage and treat. You should remember that treatment allows patients to regain control over their behavioral and physiological processes regarding addiction. Give yourself another chance.

Take your life back! There is always hope! If you or a person you love and care for is struggling with addiction or substance abuse ---get help! There is always someone out there ready to help you. Rehab will give you access to the help that you need. Another Chance will fight with you to regain your life back.

We have a team of experts in this field that can manage complex issues that you thought impossible. Book an appointment today. We are waiting for you.