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Addiction Treatment Centers: How to Find The Right Treatment Center For You

October 1, 2021

Struggling to find the right addiction treatment center for you or your loved one? Read this article now to know how to find the best treatment facility based on your needs.

Addiction comes at a great cost. It affects a person’s personality, relationships, and outlook in life. Moreover, addiction exposes them to long-term health risks such as; heart disease, brain problems, and other imminent health risks like HIV from infected needles, or accidents. However, with developments in healthcare and medicine, addiction treatments have come a long way. 

Today, it’s easier to treat addiction due to the abundance of addiction treatment centers and government-sponsored programs. Treatment facilities are scattered around the US for both private and State-sponsored programs. If you or a loved one is looking for an addiction treatment center then there’s a lot of treatment facilities available. Keep reading and find out where to get addiction treatment.

The Dangers of Prolonged Drug Addiction

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People suffering from drug addiction face psychological challenges every day. Understanding addiction is not just a matter of psychology. It also raises the concern of physical health. Long-term drug use affects brain function, which could continue to exist even after years of sobriety. Treating addiction involves digging deeper into the patient’s problems, triggers, and relationships.

Length of Drug Treatments

“I found a facility for addiction treatment near me. How long is the treatment?”

Almost every first-time patient or loved one asked that question before starting their treatment. Unfortunately, there’s no definitive answer. Therapy takes time, and it may take a while. Addiction didn’t happen overnight. It is not a bacterial infection that doctors can cure with antibiotics. 

Long-term exposure to drugs may require long-term treatment. However, treatment duration primarily depends on how the patient responds, which may reduce treatment time.

Determining the Right Treatment

Top drug treatment centers offer different kinds of treatments to patients. There is no single treatment for drug recovery patients. Patients have different needs, and each of them requires unique treatment plans. Let’s look at some of the standard treatment programs offered in most treatment centers.

In choosing a rehab facility, you need to consider the following:

  • Financial status and capability of the patient
  • Insurance coverage and eligibility of the facility
  • Distance of the facility from the nearest relative or close family member
  • Diagnosis of the patient and its required treatment

Long-term Residential Treatment

This treatment plan provides 24 hours of care in a non-hospital environment. Long-term residential treatment aims to provide a safe community for patients where they can recover and rediscover themselves. Joining this kind of treatment plan can help you retreat from the real world and come back to it better and stronger.

Short-term Residential Treatment

Short-term residential treatment starts with the original residential treatment model, wherein patients will have to stay in the addiction treatment center for several weeks. After this, the patient will be released to resocialize with the rest of society, but they’re required to come back for outpatient treatments to prevent relapses. Patients must continue aftercare programs for favorable outcomes.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

Outpatient treatment is often recommended for patients suffering from drug addiction and other mental health problems. It is a day treatment, and patients are not confined in a treatment facility. In most free drug rehab centers, the outpatient program is prominent because it caters to more people in need of moderate intervention in drug addiction.

Individualized Drug Counseling

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For patients who can afford a counselor, the individualized program can be more comprehensive than outpatient programs. Patients will undergo a personalized treatment plan based on their drug issues, mental health status, behavior, and tendencies in this treatment plan. Often, counselors require twice-a-week counseling for a better understanding of the patient’s situation.

Group Counseling

Social reinforcement is the soul of group counseling. It aims to expose patients to people with similar problems. Group counseling creates a safe and protected space to promote drug-free lifestyles and establish a robust support system for continuous improvement.

How to Locate Addiction Treatment Centers Near Me

The American Addiction Centers also known as AAC has a website that provides a portal for people who are looking for drug addiction treatment, insurance coverages, and admission requirements. The website also has a ‘Check My Insurance’ feature to check if your insurance policy covers drug addiction treatments. Choosing a rehab addiction facility is easier since AAC provides a list of qualified treatment centers from the east coast to the west coast.

How To Get Addiction Treatment Without Insurance

You can get treatment for drug addiction even if you don’t have insurance or money to sponsor your treatment. State-funded therapies are available for detox programs, rehab centers, and addiction providers. Programs vary per state. And it’s best to coordinate with your state department for more information.

If you seek addiction help in Portland, the State of Oregon passed the Drug Addiction Treatment and Recovery Act to establish equitable and health-based approaches in drug possession, treatment, and recovery.

Top Drug Treatment Centers

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The way to recovery is long and arduous. With a compatible treatment plan at the right treatment center, you can speed up your recovery and bounce back faster into society. Below are some of the best addiction treatment centers in the US.

Another Chance Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center

Located in Portland, OR, Another Chance is famous for its selection of inpatient and outpatient programs. It is a 24-hour residential treatment facility. It accepts insurance and credit cards as well. Another Chance’s programs include alcohol and drug detox, intensive inpatient services, outpatient services, DUII services, and substance abuse counseling.

Journey Pure

Journey Pure has an 84 percent success rate in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Florida. They offer alcohol and drug treatments, detox, therapy, and other self-improvement programs for different issues other than drug addiction.

Landmark Recovery

Landmark Recovery specializes in individualized health recovery care, which uses the 12-step model in holistic healing. They cater to drug and alcohol addicts and people with mental health illnesses. You can also get family therapy, support groups, and dual diagnosis treatment at Landmark Recovery.

Promises Austin

Promises Austin uses evidence-based treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. It follows a strict program of psychotherapy and holistic treatment. This facility only accepts a maximum of 24 patients, so you have to book ahead of time.

Ambrosia Treatment Center

Ambrosia uses the 12-step model in holistic therapy and typical treatment methods for their patients. It is a small community where patients can enjoy comfortable living conditions for the duration of the treatment. Length of stay is usually 14 to 90 days.


Choosing a rehab addiction facility considers both the financial capability and diagnosis of the patient. With government-backed addiction treatment programs, people with no insurance or other source of financing can get treatment. Moreover, people with insurance policies must also look for qualified facilities.

Start your substance abuse recovery journey now. It’s never too late to get better. Now is the best time.