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Important Reasons Driving Under The Influence Of Intoxicants (DUII) Is Bad

February 14, 2022

Learn a little more about the legal and health repercussions of DUII.

Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants or DUII is a felony charge that you can get in the state of Oregon. Just like its namesake you can be charged with DUII if you are pulled over for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Drunk driving is a common term used if you were driving while intoxicated. But in Oregon, instead of the normal DUI, it is DUII. Once you are charged with DUII, you can lose your driving privileges, pay fees and assessments, as well as part or all of the court-appointed attorney fees. You will be under probation and even pay restitution if some property is damaged and maybe even get some jail time.

How much of a deal is DUII?

  • It is said that 29 people in the US die every day in vehicular accidents because of an alcohol-impaired driver. This is one death every 50 minutes. The annual cost of alcohol-related crashes totals more than $44 billion.
  • Individuals using marijuana were about 25% more likely to be involved in a vehicular crash than drivers with no evidence of marijuana use. Other factors like age and gender-may account for the increased crash risk among marijuana users.
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4 Health Reasons DUII Is Bad

Imagine all that plus how exactly compromised drivers are a danger to themselves and others:

1. You Have Slow Reaction Time

Being drunk or high slows your brain functions. This means that making decisions is not as instantaneous if you are sober and clean. Your reflexes fail and your reaction time takes longer. For example, traffic light changes sooner than you expected, having  a slower reaction time could mean something bad for you.

2. You Have Poor Decision Making

Like what’s mentioned above, if you have been drinking or doing drugs, you have slow reaction time, it consecutively means that your sense of judgment can be greatly affected. It's possible that you'd miscalculate distances, speed, and even narrow spaces that may seem different in your perspective.

3. Your Capability to Multitask is Affected

Driving is a skill that requires you to multitask. Driving under the influence of intoxicants (DUII) could mean diminishing your ability to do so. Simply noticing traffic signs and making sure that no one is crossing the street could be a gigantic task for you. The worst situation would be if you accidentally miss someone on the street, therefore, hurting them badly.

4. You Have a False Sense of Confidence

You might have heard a couple of myths that says, "They're more confident after ingesting some alcohol," and believe me, it does, but when you drink too much and then drive It’s an accident waiting to happen. Being overconfident could mean reckless and dangerous driving -something everyone should not ever consider. Not to mention that this has health hazards to the people that could get involved.

Legal Reasons DUII Is Bad

So, let's say an officer pulls you over; you don't need to defend yourself then and there. Just present your driver's license and vehicle registration. Most lawyers advise not to talk to the police unless there's a lawyer present.

There are three types of sobriety tests that police use to determine if you are, in fact, impaired.

1.  Breath Test

Analysis of your breath with the use of an intoxilyzer machine. If the test is valid, you can be found guilty of DUII if your blood alcohol measured by your breath is .08% or more.

2.  Blood Test

You can always contest your breath test with a blood test. They will measure the alcohol in your blood with this test sent to a crime lab. You'd be found guilty like the breath test if your blood alcohol is also .08%.

3. Standardized Field Sobriety Tests

A standardized field sobriety test requires physical examinations. This includes but is not limited to following directions and following a certain object with your eyes while maintaining your balance. Usually, you are told that if you do not take these examinations, it will be used against you in court.

On the other hand, if the police officer believes that you are under the influence of drugs rather than alcohol, a DRE or Drug Recognition Expert will be needed. A DRE officer follows a 12-step protocol wherein the results and the statements made during the evaluation will be used as evidence against you. As per Oregon's Implied Consent laws, you might face some consequences if you refuse to comply with the protocols.

When the police officer decides to arrest you finally, he or she must read you your constitutional rights before any queries.

DUII treatment
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DUII is a severe felony in the state of Oregon. Once you are found guilty on the first offense, it could cost you up to $6250. Depending on your blood alcohol levels, the minimum fine is $1000 or $2000. That's a lot of money. DUII is a Class A misdemeanor unless you have a previous record in the last ten years. This could also mean a possible jail time for a year, license suspension for 48 hours minimum, and 80 hours of community service.

Other possible court order includes:

1. Probation period;

2. Assessments and fees;

3. Repay a portion of any court-appointed fees;

4. Not to drink alcohol, possess or use drugs unless prescribed by the doctor

5. Paying for properties when damaged.

DUII consequences
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DUII Programs from Another Chance Rehab

With the abovementioned consequences for DUII Treatment in Oregon, Another Chance Rehab is ready to assist. We have professionals who make sure that schedules are flexible to cater to more people. Three major DUII treatment are introduced as well; they are as follows:

1. Accurate Monitoring System - Your progress is monitored closely while ensuring that your progress will be reported to the people taking care of your case. Random alcohol and drug tests will be done to ensure sobriety.

2. Diversion or Conviction - Specially designed programs are created for both Diversion and Conviction to meet the required treatments.

3. Time Frame - This is best for people who accomplished their program in a 3-4 month span. As part of the program, Another Chance commits to continually support you even after the said period.

Despite warnings from your loved ones and friends, public awareness, tough penalties, and effort by law enforcement, people continue to drive while under the influence of alcohol and drugs. It seems like these types of drivers do not see the magnitude of consequences that their actions have on their lives and those of others.

Take charge of your life today! Let us help you open the door for possibilities for DUII treatments! After all, we all deserve Another Chance. Call us today.